Saturday, January 10, 2009

Apple Juice makes me write on myself!

So today Braden had a morning serving of rice cereal with apple juice added to in instead of milk... at first he made a sour face then came to like it by the end of the bowl.  I tasted it... the stuff that is not from concentrate and no sugar added is not very sweet!Okay so I am totally a bad mommy... When I was checking something on the computer this morning I was holding braden because he wanted to hug and just hang out or so I thought... He was being so quiet!  I learned that is not good, he found a pen on the desk behind him and picked up and was writing on his face and later I found all over mine as well... you would think I would have felt it but it felt like he was touching my face with wet fingers!  When I finally figured it out the pen was of course in his mouth... Bad Mommy!  


cheryl said...

Nice! Glad you captured the moments. ;o)

Marti said...

So funny! At least it washes out. I could totally relate to that. I'm glad to see your pictures up here. I love the one of the two of you from your photo shoot. He is such a little doll baby. He is so blessed to have such a great mommy.