Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting Around makes me happy

So cool... I get to play with my toy box! 
Sitting up on my own from crawling.
Look Mom no hands... on the floor at least.  He got brave on day 2 of crawling.
Crawling is so much fun... This is one of my silly happy faces.
Look at me go.  I used to do an inchworm move, but last week in church I saw a pretty 9 month old crawling and I looked at her and got on all fours and never looked back.  Nothing like motivation from pretty girls already.  We are in for it when he gets older.  


Jennifer said...

Aw, Braden's crawling now! So cute.

Christine said...

WOW! Look at him go! Lily hasn't quite gotten up off the ground yet, she's still army-crawling :) It won't be long at all now, though.

Can you believe they're already on the go?!?! They'll be pulling up, then walking before we know it!

Hope you guys are well :) We think of you often!