Thursday, April 16, 2009


Brian and I both love this face...  I was trying to capture him crawling through the legs of furniture you see in the background of the above picture but he was too fast and made this precious face by the time the picture took!  The picture above and below are both from today Braden's 9 month birthday.  Our precious son keeps getting cuter and cuter.  
These next pictures are from Easter Sunday.  He was sick but still cute as ever.  He loves to run around the house in his walker.  He can turn corners quick and even get around in tight spaces.  

Such a little man here!

You can see how mature he is in our easter pictures.  He just keeps getting more and more handsome.


Ashlee , JT. Soph, Shiloh, and Baby Tollett said...

Oh he's such a doll! Addy HEART Braden. And we love the Horn family!

cheryl said...

SO cute! He looked so handsome in his Easter outfit! :o)
Love the first picture too.

Christine said...

Oh goodness!! You guys look fantastic & Braden is, indeed, the most handsome thing ever!! What a great Easter pic!

It's been forever since I popped in and said hello. I hope you guys are doing well :) Sweet Lily is growing like crazy, but Braden has her beat - she's not quite pulling up yet!

Pop over to my blog & say hello - there are some new pics of Lily & Camille up :)

Much love, The Couch Family