Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's been a month since I have downloaded pictures!

This is the coolest big block that mom borrowed for two weeks from the library... I can do so many things with it, read, reach for stuff and just play, I can even look at myself since there is a mirror on it.  
These pictures were taken this morning... Lazy Saturday mornings are the best!
I want the camera.
Those big blue eyes...
Family Portrait... Aren't we cute?  Brian and I had a date night and Braden got left with one of his girlfriends for his own date night he had fun even though her husband was there as well! =)
Braden realized that stairs are super fun!  =)

The next four pictures were taken at the wildflower center.

This next picture was Braden in the big high chair out to eat... such a big boy now!
This last pictures was us with two friends and their boys born the same time as Braden.  We went to the Capitol for a free Biscuit Brothers concert.  It was super fun the boys were into the music and people.  It was a fun outing.  I just love hanging out with these friends... so does Braden.=)

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cheryl said...

Sweet pics! I'm in love with those "big blue eyes! :o)
And I just have to add...look at you skinny mamas at the Capital! Y'all look awesome.